Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


We currently only ship to the USA.

As we have all experienced over the last few years, the cost of everything has increased-- and in some cases, quite dramatically. We’ve seen significant price increases on transportation and freight, boxes and paper products, green coffee, and other core essentials like the benefits we provide for our employees.

Because of this, we will try to keep up with the best and most affordable way to ship to you. This will help us continue to operate sustainably.

Our sincerest thanks for your long-term support. It has been an honor and a great privilege to serve you since 2020 and we look forward to many more wonderful years.

Return Policies

For coffee products:

If you have any issues with your coffee or you have had an issue receiving your order, Please contact us at wideawake@tablerockcoffeeroasters.com within 15 days of your order being marked as “Delivered.” Because of coffee’s perishable nature as a food product, we cannot accept returns of our whole bean products, but we would be happy to resolve any and all delivery issues for missing, damaged, or stolen products.

For merchandise:

Please include information about the reason for the return in your email to us. We do not refund the cost of return shipping but will gladly accept a return or an exchange of unused items within 15 days of delivery.

For damaged items:

Please alert us to any delivery issues as soon as possible so we can get all hands on deck to right the shipment! If your item arrives damaged, please take a picture of the exterior of the package as well as the damage to the inside. We need all this information to communicate with our shipping partners and require all claims via email to be filed within 15 days of the order being marked as “Delivered”.

I want my coffee as fresh as possible- when should I order?

We roast all coffee to order because we believe your coffee should arrive perfectly fresh.

I'm looking for a coffee subscription for my office.

Want to improve office morale? Look no further-- learn all about our office coffee subscriptions set to deliver monthly for an easy steady way to get coffee. Also, we have an INSIDERS program. This is specifically setup for those who are organizations and/or businesses who do not RESELL their coffee but offer it to their employees or customers as a service. This is a great way to get a discount on the pricing for you being so awesome! INSIDER pricing is only available for large bulk orders (7lb bags or exceeding $100 monthly).

Gift Cards

We have "golden tickets" that offer free drinks for our incredible customers. You can purchase these "golden tickets" in the product store or at any location. The bundles come in 5 tickets, 10, 15 and 20. Great gifts for the holidays!

I see choices for Drip or Espresso profile-- what should I choose?

We roast our coffees specific to the brew method that will be used. Select espresso if you will be using an espresso machine. For all other preparations, choose drip however, the coffee can still be amazing using other options and is not a set-in stone way to brew.

Can I get my online coffee order pre-ground?

Yes! We’d be happy to help by grinding for your specific brewing method if you need help. There is an added price for grinding the coffee for the added labor costs. Also, if you're wanting to purchase a grinder from us, please don't hesitate to reach out.

How should I store my coffee?

We recommend keeping your coffee away from extreme heat or cold. Our coffee bags offer excellent environmental protection. We treat coffee like great bread which means we advise you to buy fresh and more often, rather than storing it up. Check out our coffee subscriptions if you want us to ship freshly roasted coffee to you on a scheduled basis.

Do you have a dark roast?

Generally, our coffee roasting style would be considered a ‘medium-light’ roast. We have a unique roast profile for each coffee that brings out its best characteristics and flavors. We tend to feel most coffee roasters over-roast their beans or burn them. You can see the roast on each profile when you order.

Can I order coffee for a special event or as gifts for clients/staff?

Yes! We would happily help get you set up with coffee for your event, conference or as gifts for clients or staff. Send us an email or give us a call.

I’d love to start a wholesale relationship & serve Table Rock Coffee Roasters at my coffee/cafe/restaurant or store.

We love that - No matter if you're located right around the corner or across the US. Check out our Wholesale page and we’ll be in touch!

I’d like to work for you. What’s the best way to get in touch?

You can send your resume & cover letter to wideawake@tablerockcoffeeroasters.com or contact page to submit your information. We become a tight family unit so our turn-over rate is much lower than the industry standard.

We hire employees who are a great fit for our brand and company, as it is a reflection in all they do. It becomes a reflection of who we all are, as a company.

"We believe that who we are is not necessarily what we do however, what we put our hands to and HOW we do it is a direct reflection of everything we are." We are a company who feel character does matter.