Our Vision

To be nationally known, led by our altruism while celebrating the uniqueness of every local community.

Meet the Owner, Chris.

Chris Richard. Born in the Great Pacific Northwest where coffee civilization abounds. He grew up in a small town in southern Oregon where he saw the ability of one small coffee stand slowly change the culture of the entire town. He saw where the ability to connect with people daily and lift their spirits, change the course of their day, leaving a positive impact – how it affected others, not just himself, really left an impression on him. A United States Marine found himself years later juggling three jobs with endlessly long hours needing a break. He discovered a small groupon course on roasting coffee. Being a connoisseur of drink crafts he loved the idea and thought it would be a fun night. After the very simplistic course, he was hooked! He bought himself a home roaster and started dabbling and experimenting for the next seven years, not thinking too much of it. When asked by his wife what he would love to do in his wildest dreams… owning his own coffee company would always come up. Moving from San Diego (as Wedding Photographers/Graphic Artists) in 2017 to Southern Missouri (where his wife, Wendy and her family grew up) they longed more for their family – a forever home for their children to grow up in, jobs that created more time with their kids and to leave a legacy bigger than they were. As a family, with their five homeschooled children, they decided to branch into this new career and create a place to serve others – Table Rock Coffee Roasters was born. Their heart is to create and fuel a culture that inspires others, gives selflessly and loves generously. It is so much more than just a cup of coffee.

Set Apart

A heart to serve

"The measure of a man's greatness is not how many servants he has but how many men he serves .”

Love Others . Serve Others. Give Generously.

We believe in faith, family and freedom.
We love our country and the opportunities it creates.
We are here to love, serve and give back every chance we get because we believe relationships/people are the most important thing in this world... and we are seriously crazy about our coffee!